igus® shore power systems for terminals and vessels

Modular e-loop cable carrier system

e-spool® shore power

Connection for LNG Power Barge

  • Opened/closed as required
  • All parts are individually replaceable
  • Simple maintenance
  • Slipring-free system
  • Water, temp & vibration resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pollutant reduction
  • Longer service life and cost-efficient
  • Increases safety

igus Mobile Shore Power Outlet

e-chain® reel

Offshore cable carrier

  • Travels of 800 m and more possible
  • Longer service life & cost-efficient
  • Modular design
  • One-time investment
  • Flexibility for existing and new shore power connections
  • Protected cable guidance
  • Increases safety and durability
  • Durable, robust, flexible
  • For installation, inspection & maintenance
  • Corrosion, water, oil & UV resistant