What is igus® Mobile Shore Power?

As the maritime shipping industry has grown, so has the contribution of pollutants from all different types of seagoing vessels. These vessels burn fuel that generates NOX, SOX and PM while at sea and while berthed in ports. These are toxic chemical substances that not only contribute to harming the environment and can also have a dire impact on the health of human beings and wildlife.

Concentration in Low-Income Areas Around the Ports

Many ports are in close proximity to densely populated areas, putting a large number of people at a significantly higher risk of exposure to these shipping emissions. Studies have shown an increase in health problems like asthma and cancer in these areas.

A Solution Was Needed

With the shipping industry growing at unprecedented rates, something needed to be done to reduce the trajectory of pollution from this industry. Technology enhancements for cleaner engines and fuels, capture and control technology, and shore power are all seeing investments and interest from the industry.

Industries and wind turbines in the port

Installation in Action